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How to understand your HelloScribe billing.

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Plan Selection

The service cost is $29 monthly.

This includes 400,000 tokens (roughly 200,000 English words)

You can purchase additional tokens starting at just 5 dollars for 500,000 tokens.

You may add as many team members as you'd like for just $9 per month.

Your Billing Page

Your billing page is divided into 3 sections: Plan Details, Instant-Top-Up, and Payment Method.

1) Plan Details. Shows your current plan, available tokens, and the number of team licenses you have purchased. You can click to cancel your subscription at any time.

2) Instant-Top-Up. You can click to purchase tokens instantly whenever you run low. Just slide the button to select how much you wish to purchase and hit instant purchase.
You will be asked to confirm your payment info, and your payment will be processed.

4) Payment Method. This is where you add or update your payment method. We use Stripe to process payments and store payment methods securely. We do not have access to your actual payment information.

Billing Period

Your billing period is the first date from the date on which you upgraded your account. You will be billed the standard $29, and an additional $9 for each team member you've added.
If you remove a team member from your account before the billing date is up, and you add another team member at the same time, the new addition will be billed pro-rata. This means the amount you pay will be equivalent to the time left in the period. The normal rate will resume at the start of the next cycle.

Cancellation & Billing Errors

You can cancel your account at any time. You will still have access to your account until your billing period has ended. But you will have to buy additional tokens if you run out.
If you feel that you have been billed in error please reach out to our team via Chat.

Please Note. Our rates may change at any time. We will communicate any price changes beforehand.

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