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How HelloScribe Works

The getting started guide to HelloScribe

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HelloScribe uses what is called a "Language Transformer".

A Language Transformer is a kind of Artificial Intelligence that converts a written instruction into a related output. It does this using what is called a Large Language Model (LLM).

Think of a Large Language Model as a modern digital library of words, phrases, sentences, and pictures. Since this library has so much data, the computer code that runs on top of it (The Transformer) can easily recognize patterns and relationships between its contents.

As a result, The Language Transformer can then match your written instruction with those words, phrases, sentences, or pictures that it has learned and then predict what likely series of words correspond with your input.

We've created 130+ tools using this procedure. Get high-quality outputs without much input from your end. Providing clear, simple, instructions helps you get the most of HelloScribe.

Importantly, a Language Transformer is not a database. So it’s not pulling information to give back to you. It’s a transformer. So in a quite literal sense, it’s transforming an instruction into a corresponding output using mathematical probability. It returns an original prediction based on your request. These AI models are fine-tuned on specific use cases like taglines, press releases, media pitches, Google Ads, etc.

Remember, no matter how well ANY AI system is designed, it may sometimes "Hallucinate" (less than 0.5% of the time in our case). As our technology evolves, this will become even less. But we've made it easy to generate multiple outputs- so you can choose what works for you. We also encourage you to use our Research Companion to check your facts before publishing.

Here is a basic example of How HelloScribe works:

1) Select a Tool

2) Enter a Prompt and Select a Tone

3) Hit Generate.

HelloScribe will give you endless options from which to choose. Just copy or save.

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