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HelloScribe works in 50+ Languages.

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How to Choose a Language:

  • HelloScribe supports some 55 Languages.

  • Select the language option to the top right-hand of your tool dashboard

  • Your "Input Language" is the language you will use to write your prompt, and the "Output Language" will be the language in which HelloScribe writes your content.

Languages Supported:

[BG]: Bulgarian

[FI]: Finnish

[PT_BR]: Portuguese (Brazilian)

[CS]: Czech

[FR]: French

[PT]: Portuguese

[DA]: Danish

[HU]: Hungarian

[RO]: Romanian

[DE]: German

[IT]: Italian

[RU]: Russian

[EL]: Greek

[JA]: Japanese

[SK]: Slovak

[EN_GB]: English (British)

[LT]: Lithuanian

[SL]: Slovenian

[EN_US]: English (American)

[LV]: Latvian

[SV]: Swedish

[ES]: Spanish

[NL]: Dutch

[ZH]: Chinese

[ET]: Estonian

[PL]: Polish

[HI]: Hindi

[AF]: Afrikaans

[AR]: Arabic

[ML]: Malay

[BN]: Bengal

[AM]: Amharic

[FIL]: Filipino

[ZU]: Zulu

[ID]: Indonesian

[VI]: Vietnamese

[KR]: Korean

[SW]: Swahili

[SO]: Somalian

Please note: You may encounter some issues with transliteration.

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